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Album Review : One Night In Miami Soundtrack

From ABKCO records comes the soundtrack to my #1 film of 2020, One Night in Miami. Legendary musician Terence Blanchard oversees the bulk of the album with his masterful instrumentations.

I've had a chance to see the film twice and hearing the soundtrack after seeing the movie, every song that Blanchard composed fits perfectly in the film.

I will point out that the soundtrack isn't all about Blanchard, though, as one of the film's stars, Leslie Odom, Jr, who portrays Sam Cooke, gets a chance to shine off his vocal prowess. I first discovered Odom's singing voice years ago on the show Smash. Naturally, I was ecstatic when I learned that Odom would play one of the great singers, Sam Cooke.

Odom first takes on the Cooke classic "Tammy." Music fanatics all share the sentiment that Cooke could sing anything flat foot without any type of backing. This sentiment carries over to Odom's take on his version of a recording by Sam's brother LC entitled "Put Me down Easy." Odom version is only 47 seconds long, but Odom's simplicity and elegance he sings the song with is better than some R&B albums released in the last six months.

Odom also performs "You Send Me," "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons," "Chain Gang," and "Good Times" with a robust swagger that does the legendary Cooke justice. However, Odom's version of the timeless "A Change Is Gonna Come" where the already talented singer takes it to another level vocally. I was already sold on Odom's performance after viewing the film.

In the film, you see the talent in Odom's posture and when he has his hands in his pockets. As Odom singing makes him look tranquil while bringing out fluidity, grace, and affinity to the song. With the recent events of 2021, Odom's take on the song, I still have hope for the world in 2021. Odom also provides an original composition entitled "Speak Now," which perfectly describes the relationship between the men who are the film's subject.

Also, singer Jeremy Pope who portrays Jackie Wilson in the film offers his version of "Lonely Teardrops." Pope does Wilson justice. Whenever Hollywood decides to make a film adaptation of Jackie Wilson's life, I wouldn't mind seeing Pope in the role again utilizing his natural singing voice. One Night in Miami is an excellent film on its own. Still, the film soundtrack solidifies composer Terrence Blanchard's talent and how vital a score is to a movie.

The One Night in Miami soundtrack is available for streaming on all platforms. Also, you can purchase physical copies of the soundtrack on Amazon.

Final Grade A-

Best Songs – "Speak Now," "A Change Is Gonna Come," "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons"

U can read my review of the film here :

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