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Concert Review : Scarface @ The Howard Theater

Hip-Hop legend Scarface returned to Washington D.C.'s Howard Theater on Tuesday, April 9th, as part of his "Behind The Desk Tour" following the success of his Tiny Desk Concert last year. The show was opened by fellow hip-hop artist Mannie Fresh, who impressed the audience with his love for music. The band took the stage around 9:00 p.m., with Scarface joining shortly after.

However, given the success of Scarface's Tiny Desk performance, it may have been preferable to hold this event in a more theatrical setting instead of an overcrowded standing-room-only venue. The atmosphere was filled with smoke and Hennessy, which negatively affected the overall comfort due to the limited space caused by the high occupancy levels. This made it difficult for patrons to engage more energetically with the occasion, as they were stifled for room.

Nevertheless, the intensity of Scarface's performance can be described as poignant and compelling. From his entrance on stage, he immediately engaged the crowd with an authoritative presence coupled with resolute delivery. His verve was contagious, effortlessly transferring to the audience and fostering a profound sense of anticipation and affluence throughout the venue.

Regarding the setlist, it predominantly entailed classic hits such as "Jesse James," "Mary Jane," "Smile," "My Block," and notably, "My Mind Is Playing Tricks On Me." Though there were no revelations pertaining to any upcoming album releases, Mr. Scarface further demonstrated his multifaceted talents by proficiently playing the guitar while concurrently providing narratives behind each song performed.

Scarface, a distinctly recognized figure in the Nation's Capitol and at the Howard Theater, offered an unparalleled exhibit of his lasting prowess and impact within the hip-hop realm through his "Behind The Desk Experience." His performance was an exemplary display of stage control, narrative expertise, and musical sophistication. It is highly advised to seize any opportunity to attend this show should it appear in your city.

Final Grade: B+

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