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EP Review: J.Kells, Weight

Shreveport based Christian rapper J.Kells returns to the scene with his latest EP, Weight. The Hip Hopper opens up his latest project with "Stop the Killing" (feat. Saelah, G' Lo & Joshua Mac). The production of the song is similar to what you may hear from an MC in secular music. However, J.Kells keeps it festive with a message about coming together. Up next is "Work," which will remind listeners of the snap phase that was all the rage in the mid-2000s. "Work" is a great song, and I could easily see J.Kells push this as a single with a Tik Tok challenge to go along with it.

The autobiographical "Weight" is another gem. This track reminded me of Nas's song "Fried Chicken" from his 2008 Untitled album. J.Kells is a plus-sized rapper and opens the song with some facts about his home state. From there, he transitions into a passionate spoken word vibe. One of my favorite bars is "I may be a little big," but my God is bigger." In hindsight, J.Kells takes us on his own self-acceptance journey and ties it into a message about his faith.

"Love" is the album's fourth track where J.Kells pays homage to his wife. Over a smooth production, J.Kells is in a positive headspace, and this is one of my favorites from the EP. J.Kells closes out the project with "Thank You," which features Young Switch & MQ. The closing song pays homage to GOD and avoids becoming over preachy with its message.

Throughout the five-song EP that clocks in at under twenty minutes, J.Kells displays not only a commendable love of GOD but a classy southern flow. I look forward to following this brother's career.

Final Grade: B

Top Tracks: "Weight," "Love," and "Work"

Weight is available on all streaming platforms.

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