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Female empowerment gravitates through Magic Mike Live!

Female empowerment is the central theme of Magic Mike Live, which is currently in residency at the Sahara in Las Vegas. Taking inspiration from the same-titled Channing Tatum-led film series, Magic Mike Live opens with our host Jesse engaging in a bit of roasting with the audience before our real host Chelsea Reid takes over. Kudos to Tatum and his co-director/conceiver Reid Carolin for the opening, as it was very believable.

My wife and I both thought that Reid was indeed an audience member, and the way she took the stage caught us both off guard. Reid possesses a natural stage presence, mixed in with great comedic timing and a motivational attitude. The show starts with dancing by the guys, showcasing the impressive choreography skills of Alison Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, and Luke Broadlick. From there, the storyline begins when we meet a geeky individual named "Mike," who is clueless when it comes to the opposite sex.

We then watch Mike receive some coaching tips from Chelsea on proper ways to show attention to women. This angle sets up the show's glue about the beauty of womanhood. Naturally, my wife attended the show with me, and she got more enjoyment than I did. However, I commend the show for keeping a tasteful ambiance outside of a few exceptions. There was never a moment in the show where I felt uncomfortable; in fact, many of the guys took time to hi-five me as they passed by. Regarding the male dancers in the show, while it's not my place to critique them, I will say that based on the ladies' response, the show gets it right in the sex appeal department.

I also enjoyed the music, which featured a soundtrack compromised of classic R&B tunes from the catalogs of 112, Robin Thicke, Shai, and of course Ginuwine. However, the highlight of the entire show for me was all the positive energy from the primarily female audience in attendance. We live in a time when the simplest of things causes division and argument; it was wonderful being around so much positive energy.

Joyce Mayer once said, “Confidence allows us to face life with boldness, openness, and honesty. It enables us to live without worry and to feel safe. It enables us to live authentically.” Therefore, when you're in Vegas, the show is highly recommended for a date night or a girl's night out.

Final Grade: A

Magic Mike Live currently runs on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and weekends at the Sahara. Tickets can be purchased via Ticketmaster and at the Box Office


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