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Javacia Leslie saves the routine Double Life

Television director Martin Wood makes the leap to the big screen for his first feature in Double Life from Paramount Global Content Distribution. Mike Hurst and Chris Sivertson write the screenplay.

Jo (Javacia Leslie) is a bartender involved in a relationship with hotshot lawyer Mark Setter (Niall Matter). Unfortunately, Mark is married to Sharon (Pascale Hutton). One night after his latest liaison with Jo, Mark ends up dead. His grieving widow learns from her late husband's mistress that his death was no accident. The two women will form an unlikely alliance to uncover the truth behind his murder and unmask the man they both loved.

The plot angle of a wife befriending the mistress is a typical plot device and has been explored in the comedy genre (The Other Woman and If I Were You) and quite a few Lifetime movies. That said, viewers going into the film should know precisely what to expect.

I initially expected a slow reveal of Jo and Mark's connection when the film started, but the script jumps right into it. On the one hand, this works since a movie of this sort doesn't need a long run time. Mark meets his demise within the first ten minutes. The ladies then come front and center for the film's duration.

Javacia Leslie does her best to elevate the material. She's been on my radar since the series, The Family Business. Leslie brings a likable aura to Jo and even gets a chance to show off the athleticism from her Batwoman days. Regretfully the same doesn't go for Pascale Hutton, who is saddled with a vastly underwritten character. The rest of the film follows TV movie theatrics, and even the most novice movie watch will spot the bad guy before the credits roll.

Double Life is not particularly good or bad, but once the credits roll, most viewers will forget about it. Javacia Leslie is a star in the making, though.

Final Grade: C-

Paramount Global Content Distribution will release the thriller filmDOUBLE LIFEin Theaters and on Digital on May 5, 2023 and on Demand on May 19, 20

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