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Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot shoots and misses at a simple concept

Emmy winner Donald Glover returns to television screens in the series Mr. & Mrs. Smith from Prime Video. Glover reunites with his Atlanta producer, Francesca Sloane, and director, Hiro Murai, who helms most of the episodes. In addition, Glover and Sloane penned the first and last episodes, an adaptation of director Doug Liman's 2005 film, which starred Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Two strangers, a military veteran (Glover) and a knowledgeable office worker (Maya Erskine) are offered a job by a mysterious spy agency. The job promises them a luxurious life of espionage, wealth, world travel, and a dream brownstone in Manhattan. However, there is a catch: they must assume new identities as Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Smith and enter an arranged marriage.

 Now married, John and Jane must navigate a high-risk mission every week while facing new relationship milestones. Their complex cover story becomes even more complicated when they develop real feelings for each other. The question arises: what's more dangerous, espionage or marriage?

Episode 1 kicks off with the murders of a married couple in a secluded location, and we soon meet our leads during the interview. Glover uses trademark dry wit in the scene, and it carries over to his co-star. While some fans were skeptical of the show's angle, I was surprised with the angle that the creators take. Each episode of the series ties into the communication element that plays a role in marriage.

The creators of the 2024 version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith have learned from the mistakes of the failed 2007 pilot sequel series, which was supposed to star Martin Henderson and Jordana Brewster. The new reboot focuses more on its leads' acting talents, with Glover and Erskine doing their best to elevate the material. However, this approach might disappoint fans expecting more action or memorable lines like those in Glover's hit series  Atlanta.

The series consists of eight episodes, but it only gets interesting around the fourth episode. Although I appreciate the plot twists and Donald Glover's attempt to become an action hero, the show didn't have something that would make me clamor for a second season.

Final Grade: C

All eight Mr. & Mrs. Smith episodes will arrive on Prime Video tomorrow.

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