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Single Review: Garfield Bright, What U See/Love’s A Vibe

R&B singer Garfield Bright first broke onto the scene in 1992 with the group Shai and their classic song "If I Ever Fall In Love." Thanks to that song as well as "Comforter" and "Baby I'm Yours, "Bright and Shai's current irritation can still tour. However, Bright is a multifaceted brother and recently released two solo singles, "Loves a Vibe," featuring Deme Bright, and "What You See."

Garfield Bright pens the lyrics to both songs and links up with fellow artist and producer Anthony Stout, a.k.a. Kanetic, for production. Bright and Stout have kindred musical chemistry as neither song is derivative of what mainstream knows Bright for in terms of R&B balladry. Die-hard Shai fans know that Bright is a Hip Hop head, and the Boom Bap style elements were reflected in the group's second and third albums.

What I took from "Loves a Vibe" is just loving the essence of life. The production starts, and Bright waits about forty-two seconds to come in singing. Listening to the song, I found myself nodding my heading and just escaping to a positive outlook.

On "What You See?" Bright gets serious but isn't trying to push his views on the listener. Instead, he wants us to look at ourselves and empathize. About Bright's intent in creating the song was to provide a unique, vibey rhythm and a contentious narrative about the power structure of America.

I tip my hat to Bright for avoiding auto-tune or a production style that caters to a more youthful audience. Bright knows what his audience wants to hear and delivers. If these two songs indicate the direction for a possible solo album, I look forward to what's coming out of his musical lab.

Final Grades: B+

"Loves a Vibe" and "What You See?" are both available on all streaming platforms.

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