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Theater Review : Men Are Mars Women Are From Venus @ Capital One Hall

Dr. John Gray's legendary book Men are Mars, Women Are From Venus has seen adaption into a same-titled off-Broadway comedy. The show graced the stage of Capital One Hall in Tysons, Virginia, on Friday, February 11th. When I learned that the play was stopping in town, I decided it would make for a great date night with my wife to kick off Valentine's Day weekend 2022.

While I know the book title, and I've heard it referenced numerous times in pop culture, I've never actually read it. The book was initially released in 1992 when I was eleven years old. At the time, I was more concerned with action figures and video games than relationships. That said, as a forty-year-old married man, I was curious about the angle the play would take.

Initially, I expected something in the vein of the film adaptations of He's Just Not That Into You and Think Like A Man. Both of the films' plots used advice and content from same titled self-help books to set up their plot, which followed fictitious couples in different stages of relationships.

The adaptation of Men are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a one-man stage show to my surprise. Comedian Amadeo Fusca serves as our MC for the ninety-minute show, using a colloquial performing style, Fusca relates to the audience with a natural flair.

Fusca begins the show by admitting he is a man who resisted the Mars/Venus work for years. One day he attended a seminar led by the book's author and after meeting John Gray, his life changed. Now his experience leads him to share with others how he sees the relationships of men and women from a very humorous perspective.

Throughout the show, my wife and I clapped at the humorous anecdotes that Amadeo provided. Whether it was regarding intimacy or date night, the host provided many laugh-out-loud moments both men and women can relate to. In addition, over the course of the show, video clips from John Gray were also shown and served as transitional topics.

For the most part, it was a great night out. However, given the show's short run time, the 15-minute intermission took the momentum down a notch for me. Nevertheless, there were enough thought-provoking moments and a humorous guitar number from the host at the end of the night for the show to receive my recommendation.

Final Grade: B


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