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Throwback Tuesday Review: Walter & Scotty, My Brother's Keeper

Walter & Scotty of the legendary group The Whispers were already two decades into a musical career when they struck out on their own to record an album as a duo. The album titled My Brother's Keeper hit stores on May 4th, 1993. Now, on the one hand, the record label could've quickly just grabbed A-List producers and thrown together a rush project. Thankfully that isn't the case, as the Scott Brothers used a formula that Charlie Wilson & Luther Vandross would employ in revitalizing their careers in the 21st century.

The formula is to find fresh producers who don't stray away from an artist's signature sound. The R&B group Portrait contributes to the opening track "Move Your Body." The song finds Walter & Scotty sounding modern, with some late New Jack Swing/Hip Hop flavor. The superb production & writing style of Portrait members Michael A. Saulsberry & Phillip Johnson carries over to track number four, "Open Door." Which Walter & Scotty sing with absolute ease.

The contagious feel-good grooves continue with "I Know You're My Baby." Produced by Robert Brookins, the song will remind listeners of early Whispers hits such as "And The Beat Goes On" and "It's A Love Thang." Even with the filler up-tempo tracks such as "Sticks And Stones," "A Fool For You (Baby)," "My Love," the production is crisp, and the Scott brother's vocal arrangements sound better than hit songs from artists in 2021.

Now anyone who follows my writings knows that I'm more of a slow jam and ballad guy. Given that The Whispers have iconic love songs such as "Lady," "In the Mood," and "Say Yes," you know the two lead singers had to deliver the goods on their side project. Up first is "Dirty Dancin' (Slow Motion)." The song features the brothers' lush harmonies over John Benton and Patrick Greene's production. Keni Burke provides the group with "Heaven" while the duo reunites with Babyface for the lovely "With All My Heart."

Walter & Scotty close the project out with two covers. First is the brother's take on The Intruder's "I Wanna Know Your Name," where they truly make the song their own. The album closes with a funky tribute to Sly & The Family Stone's "Thank You (Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin)."

My Brother's Keeper's strength lies in The Scott Brothers not straying away from the formula that made The Whispers a success. Following this album's release, The Scott Brothers returned to The Whispers and have maintained an active touring career.

Final Grade: B+

Top Tracks: "Move Your Body," "Open Door," "Dirty Dancin' (Slow Motion)," and "With All My Heart."

My Brother's Keeper is available on all streaming platforms.

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