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Album Review : Chris Brown, 11:11 (Deluxe Edition)

NOTE : This review will only focus on the new songs.

As he prepares to kick off his summer tour, Chris Brown recently blessed fans with a deluxe edition of his eleventh album, "11:11." Breezy demonstrates his unwavering commitment again by releasing an ambitious project. The expanded repertoire adds 13 fresh tracks to the collection, aggregating a grand total of 35 - illustrative of an effort that is undoubtedly monumental for any artist. For the deluxe edition Brown sought the distinguished talents from artists such as Mario, Bryson Tiller, Davido, Joyner Lucas, Lil Wayne and Tee Grizzley.

The project commences with the acoustic-infused track entitled "Bruce Lee." Brown is acknowledged as a co-writer of the song, which an unnamed producer produces. In this poignant ballad, Brown embarks on an exploration of navigating challenging encounters within a relationship. The metaphor of water vividly conveys the need for adaptability and resilience. The song depicts a couple experiencing tumultuous cycles and discord but discovering their strength in mirroring the fluidity of water, thereby overcoming obstacles in unison. While the song title is undoubtedly catchy, it can be suggested that titling it "Flow" or "Water" would provide a more precise encapsulation of its substance.

"Go Girlfriend" is next and features a catchy beat for the dance floor, while "No Interruptions" finds Brown paying homage to a dance partner. I must admit that the first three songs, Brown showed some promise, but he lost me in the latter half of the album with the guest appearances. Bryson Tiller adds nothing new to "Run Away." At the same time, "Freak," featuring Lil Wayne, Joyner Lucas, and Tee Grizzley, is a low-rent version of his earlier hit "Loyal." Thankfully, not all the guests are as missing as Mario adds an assist to the Pop radio ready "Won't Keep You Waiting."

As the album winds down, Brown returns to glory with the ballads and slow jams. "Sex So Good" erodes sensuality, and while it features a corny title, "My Slime" will appeal to Brown's adoring female fans. "Sweet Lullaby" has the same vibe as his opener, and the last of the two tracks, "Residuals," is the direction I would wish Brown would head towards after almost twenty years in the game.

While the deluxe edition of "11:11" did not introduce any groundbreaking elements, it did demonstrate the potential for Brown as an artist capable of maturing into a credible Urban Ac artist. Nevertheless, he seems content to cater to his core demographic at this career stage by offering an album that remains true to his established musical stylings.

Final grade is a B.

"11:11" (Deluxe Edition) is available on all streaming platforms

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