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Interceptor is a harmless 90's throwback actioner

Matthew Reilly teams up with Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth (who serves as executive producer) for the latest action romp from...

The Adam Project is a fun throwback

Ryan Reynolds reteams with his Free Guy director, Shawn Levy, for The Adam Project from Netflix. After accidentally crash-landing in...

Strong acting barely saves The Unforgiveable

Sandra Bullock returns to acting, following a three-year hiatus, in Netflix's The Unforgivable. Nora Fingscheidit directs the film...

Cowboy Bebop is a fun time

A ragtag crew of bounty hunters chases down the galaxy's most dangerous criminals and they'll save the world, for the right price, in...

Night Teeth lacks bite

Director Adam Randall and writer Brent Dillon put a different spin on the vampire genre in Netflix’s Night Teeth. Quirky college student...

John David Washington deserves better than Beckett

The old adage of “wrong place wrong time” is the centerpiece of Netflix’s latest thriller, Beckett. While vacationing in Greece with his...

Resort To Love is a harmless rom-com

Musician Alicia Keys takes a break from music to produce a lively romantic film in Netflix’s Resort to Love. Aspiring pop star Erica...


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