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Album Review : Raheem DeVaughn, A Summer Of Love

R&B lover man Raheem DeVaughn continues his brand of sensual R&B with his latest release, A Summer of Love. A studio rat by nature, the EP arrives on the heels of his last project Love Euphoria which was a collaboration with saxman Vandrell Andrew. Hitting stores last month on the first day of summer, the self-proclaimed love king's newest EP opens with an AI voice, reminding us of the singer's fascination with the word love, as nine of his releases feature love in the title.

After the AI introduction, we got a profane-laced voicemail, and I had no idea where Radio Raheem would go with the project. Thankfully the second song, "Ooh Wee," finds the singer getting down to business and setting the mood for a night of love. On my first listen, I was under the impression Raheem was going for a concept album, as the project features five interludes with the AI, which appears on the opening track.

Fans of Raheem are aware that his latest project features the lead single "All Night," in which he gracefully depicts the beauty of the female form. Devaughn's music often explores sensuality, but he avoids being vulgar or cheesy. Even in tracks such as the interlude "Wet On Queue" and the following song "Let It Flow," Raheem caters to his audience with the belief that they recognize the true essence of seduction.

Raheem switches things up towards the end of the EP by presenting us with some tender ballads. "Purpose" and the concluding track, "This Is Love," reminisce about the themes of true love and devotion that can be found in my favorite Raheem song, "Mo Better." Although the project does not introduce new musical elements, Radio Raheem consistently delivers high-quality ballads and slow jams with his signature falsetto.

Final Grade: B

A Summer of Love is available on all streaming platforms now.

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