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Chris Hemsworth is back in the action for Extraction II

Chris Hemsworth reunites with director Sam Hargrove and writer Joe Russo for another action fest in Extraction 2 from Netflix. When we last Black Ops mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), he had completed his last mission, despite almost losing his life. Tyler is contemplating retirement when he receives a new assignment from the mysterious Alcott, portrayed by Idris Elba.

The mission is to rescue the battered family of a ruthless Georgian gangster from a dangerous airtight prison. Against the wishes of his battle buddy Nik (Glofshitfen Farhani) accepts the mission and sets out to rescue the family. Knowing he will need the help, Nik and her brother Yaz (Adam Bessa) tag along. Of course, things aren't the same, and Tyler has a past connection to the gangster, something that the gangster's brother Sandro is aware of, and he is seeking revenge.

The first Extraction was based on the graphic novel Ciudad by Andre Parks. I never read the source material, so I wonder if there was a sequel novel or if Anthony Russo created an original story. For the most part, Extraction 2 has a straightforward story that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Russo's script sets up our premise, Rake gets to the prison, and the audience enjoys seeing Chris Hemsworth take out some bad guys.

Gun battles, foot chases, and hand-to-hand combat are just some of the cinematic eye candy we get in Extraction 2. The film's director delivers the goods numerous throughout the film. The Russo Brothers know how to craft a believe action sequence since shifting from comedy to action beginning with 2014's Captain America: The Winter Solider.

While Rake has his fair share of butt-kicking, he also takes some hits. The same goes for his compadres Nik and Yaz, who get moments to shine in the film. One thing I enjoyed about the film was that none of our heroes have plot armor. It was also good to see Hemsworth focusing on the severity of his mission, which means there's no time for one-liners.

In the movie, the supporting cast plays the usual action character roles. Andro Japaridze portrays the villain, while Olga Kurylenko appears as Mia, a character from Rake's past who also has a connection to his current mission. However, those who were hoping to see Idris Elba in action may be disappointed, as he only has a brief role. Nonetheless, if Extraction 2 does well, he may have a more significant part in the third movie, as hinted by the film's ending.

With its impressive action sequences and a performance from Hemsworth that would make the action hero trinity proud, Extraction 2 is worth the stream.

Final Grade: B+

Extraction 2 is available to stream NOW on Netflix.

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