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Cliches withstanding, Irish Wish glides by on the charm of Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has teamed up again with director Janeen Damian for another romantic comedy on Netflix called "Irish Wish." Kirsten Hansen writes the film's screenplay. Lohan plays the role of Maddie Kelly, a respected book editor known for her discretion, who has a secret crush on her star author, the famous romance novelist Paul Kennedy (played by Alexander Vlahos), who is known for his captivating Irish charm that meticulously veils his otherwise lackluster personality.

The only person privy to Maddie's desire for Paul is her high school principal mother, Rosemary (Jane Seymour). Deciding to put on her big girl pants, Maddie confesses her feelings to Paul at the highly anticipated premiere night of his new book. However, in true rom-com fashion, things take an unexpected turn when Maddie's best Emma, played by Elizabeth Tan, meets Paul, and they experience love at first sight.

When the couple decides to get hitched, Maddie is chosen to be a bridesmaid and whisked away to Paul's grand estate in Ireland for an extravagant wedding ceremony. One day, Maddie spontaneously wishes for true love and finds herself in an alternate reality where she is engaged to Paul.! However, as fate would have it before the wish, Maddie meets an English photographer named James (Ed Speleers), who is a wedding photographer for her impending nuptials to Paul in the new universe.

Lindsay Lohan's performance as Maddie in "Irish Wish" is notable for its sincerity. She embodies her role with aplomb, deftly weaving together vulnerability, humor, and resilience in a refreshing blend that exudes charm. The chemistry between the cast members is particularly evident in their romantic exchanges, which are both tender and poignant. The film stands apart from other romantic comedies by exploring deeper themes such as self-discovery, pursuing one's passion, and the complexities of love.

The stunning Irish countryside provides a magical backdrop that adds to the allure of the film's story. While the production deserves praise on many fronts, there are areas where improvement is needed, particularly regarding technical execution. The musical selections, for instance, could be more exciting and add more value to the scenes. The sound mixing is also uneven, with the action scenes overpowering the dialogue. Additionally, the lighting techniques used in the movie are only sometimes effective. Some sequences need to be more illuminated, detracting from the overall aesthetics of the film. Finally, the camera work can appear amateurish at times, which may suggest a lack of experience on the part of the crew.

It is no secret that Netflix is fond of romantic comedies, and "Irish Wish" is no exception. While the film does have its share of cliched moments, it is still worth recommending to fans of the genre.

Final Grade: C+

"Irish Wish" is available to stream now on Netflix

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