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Concert Review : Craig David brings Nostalgia and UK Soul to the Warner Theatre

Updated: May 19

On May 16th, the esteemed Warner Theater in the Nation's Capital was graced with the presence of the renowned British singer and songwriter Craig David as part of his "7 Days Commitment Tour." This show marked Mr. David's significant return, adding to the anticipation and making the event all the more special.

The evening was charged with anticipation as a local DJ set the mood with nineties hits, building up the excitement for Craig's entrance at 9 pm. As the lights dimmed, the crowd erupted into thunderous cheers at the opening line of Craig's 2002 hit "What's Your Flava." David's smooth vocals and impeccable stage presence immediately seized the audience's attention, setting the stage for a night of music and memories that would be etched in their minds.

Throughout the concert, Craig David treated the audience to a diverse mix of his greatest hits and cover song tributes. He seamlessly blended old-school favorites like "Fill Me In," "Hidden Agenda,"  "7 Days," and "Walking Away" with unexpected covers of Zapp's "Computer Love," Diana King's "Shy Guy," and 2Pac's "California Love. " Craig's infectious energy had the crowd dancing and singing along to every word, creating a truly interactive and engaging experience.

One of the night's highlights was when Craig David went deep into the catalog to perform the DJ Premier remix of "7 Days" and his collaborations with KAYTRANADA and Wes Nelson. His iconic Sting duet "Rise & Fall"  performance also went over with the audience, showcasing his vocal talent and genuine connection with his fans. The emotional performance left the audience cheering and applauding, moved by his voice's raw passion and emotion.

As the concert came to a close, Craig David ended on a high note with a one-two punch of "Time To Party" and "16," followed by an encore performance of "Insomnia and "7 Days," leaving the crowd buzzing with excitement and nostalgia. The energy in the venue was palpable as fans relished in the magic of the moment, grateful for the opportunity to witness such a talented artist in his element for the first time in over two decades in the US.

Overall, it was a good show, but I did have one gripe. While I respect  Craig's desire to keep the party atmosphere going, it would have been great to hear the slow jams "Personal" and "Take It Off" in the medley when he performed "Follow Me." Nevertheless, though  Craig David's concert was a masterclass in musical artistry and showmanship, his timeless sound and charismatic stage presence created an unforgettable experience that left the audience wanting more. 

Craig David's live performance is worth checking out for fans of R&B, garage, and soul music.

Final Grade: A-

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