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Concert Review : PJ Morton and MAJOR.! An R&B Mother's Day Celebration @ The Kennedy Center

The world-renowned Kennedy Center was filled with the soulful sounds of PJ Morton, a Grammy-winning singer/songwriter, on Sunday, May 12th. The atmosphere was filled with soul music and appreciation for mothers. PJ Morton was supported by the opening act, MAJOR!

The DJ's sounds greeted me as I entered the venue before balladeer Major took the stage; MC Lyte served as a gracious host and blessed the audience with her new music video. Major was ecstatic to be performing at The Kennedy Center, exuding confidence with his million-dollar smile. His setlist was filled with songs about hope and positivity, with standout performances of "A Mother's Love" and his signature song "This Is Why I Love You."

Following a brief delay, Morton proceeded to the stage. This concert marked my second occasion witnessing Mr. Morton's live performance, and the evening was further enhanced by the opportunity to introduce my sister to his music. Morton presented selections from his albums "Paul," "New Orleans," "Gospel According to PJ," and more during a compact ninety-minute set. Notable moments included renditions of "Please Don't Walk Away," "Sticking To My Guns," "Go Thru Your Phone," "Say So," and "Only One." The evening concluded with Morton's cover of The Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love."

Central and Morton's expression of faith without resorting to preaching to the audience resonated most with me from the event. It was evident that both individuals possess a profound connection with God, reflected in the positive essence of their music, and the audience was receptive, irrespective of their personal beliefs. If I were to offer one critique of the performance, it would be the absence of collaborative musical pieces between Morton and Major.

After his third appearance at The Kennedy Center, PJ Morton continues to affirm his status as a multifaceted live performer. I wholeheartedly recommend attending his future performances in the DMV area, with the next scheduled for the fall.

Final Grade A-


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