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Despite some impressive action, The Fatal Raid misses the bullseye

Director Jacky Lee delivers the latest Hong Kong actioner in The Fatal Raid from Well Go USA Entertainment. Two elite police teams undertake a secret operation tracking a dangerous gang across the border into Macau, ending in a deadly firefight. Twenty years later, an escort mission brings the survivors back to the scene -- and an unwelcome reunion.

Lee opens the film introducing us to Detective Tam (Patrick Tam) and Madame Fong (Jade Leung) after a gun battle in Macau with some bad guys caused numerous officers to lose their lives. Naturally, the powers that be covered up the events leading to regrets for all involved.

I'm a big fan of Hong Kong cinema and action films, so naturally, The Fatal Raid was right up my alley, or so I thought.

While the action is somewhat impressive, everything else in the film is a disjointed mess, from the crosscutting of timelines to the underdeveloped characters. Watching the movie, I get the sneaking suspicion that director Jacky Lee may have had some battles with the studios, and it shows in the final product.

There's nothing wrong with women in action films. However, they do deserve better than the final product of The Fatal Raid.

Final Grade C-

The Fatal Raid is available today on Digital, Blu-Ray and DVD

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