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En Vogue takes listeners back down memory lane

Last night In Alexandria, VA, the Birchmere Music Hall hosted American R&B/pop vocal group En Vogue. En Vogue is now a trio compromised of members Cindy Herron, Terry Ellis, and Rhona Bennett. When my wife and I arrived at the show, we noticed the stage didn't have a band setup, which I thought may affect the performance. Furthermore, the show started about twenty minutes late.

En Vogue opened the concert with "Free Your Mind," which still sounds as fresh as it did when I first heard it in fifth grade. However, when the ladies of En Vogue opened their show with a cinematic musical intro, putting to rest any doubts I had. The group shared vocals on the song and even displayed some impressive choreography, all while looking flawless.

Throughout the ninety-minute sets, En Vogue touched on numerous songs from their catalog.

Some of the songs included "Blue Skies," "Rocket," and "I'm Good" from their most recent release, 2018's Electric Café. In addition, the ladies went into the catalog. "Lies" and "Don't Go" from Born to Sing were performed, which the crowd sang along with much adoration.

Naturally, the group took time to perform their well-known covers of The Beatles. "Yesterday" and Aretha Franklin's "Giving Him Something He Can Feel." The ladies of En Vogue closed out the night with two of their biggest hits, "Don't Let Go Love" and "Hold On."

All in all, it was a great night of music for R&B fans.

Final Grade: B

Set List

· Free Your Mind

· Lies

· No Shame

· Give It Up Turn Loose

· What A Man

· Never Gonna Get It

· Yesterday

· Something He Can Feel

· Whatever You Do

· Don’t Go

· Blue Skies

· Rocket

· Don’t Let Go (Love)

· Hold On

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