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I Am Groot Season 2 continues the harmless fun of the Flora colossus.

The beloved pop culture character Groot, a Flora colossus, is back for the second season of the Disney+ series I Am Groot. Kirsten Lepore remains in charge of the show, which chronicles the adventures of Baby Groot as he matures in the galaxy and interacts with a range of quirky new characters. Despite his mischievous nature, this adorable toddler manages to charm his way into everyone's hearts. Prepare to be entertained by a series of short episodes that showcase Baby Groot's growth and his delightful antics among the stars.

Season 2 of the show comprises only five episodes, each roughly three minutes long. The opening sequence showcases Groot skipping through the MCU intro, adding a childlike innocence to Baby Groot's character. The show's charm lies in the creative team's ability to recognize how quickly a series like this can become tiresome. Credit goes to the skilled writing team for avoiding over-simplifying Groot's character through excessive dialogue. For the most part, the essence remains true to his film portrayal.

The first episode finds Groot finding a baby bird and seeing the joys of parenthood. The remaining episodes include adventures for Groot discovering his sweet tooth, playing in the snow, experiencing the sense of smell, and meeting The Watcher. While franchise director James Gunn recently bid farewell to the MCU, I Am Groot 2 validates there are still many stories for the heroes.

Young fans still investing in the show should find something to enjoy, while older MCU can get through the entire show on a train ride to work.

Final Grade: B

All episodes of I Am Groot Season 2 are available to stream now on Disney+.

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