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On The Road with soul singer J. Brown

Billboard Chart-topping Singer-Songwriter J. BROWN Embarks on His First Headlining Tour, "THE CHAPTER & VERSE" TOUR With Special Guest MARIAH. He took some out to chop it up with Reviews & Dunn.

Reviews & Dunn -You’re getting ready to embark on your first headlining tour. What can fans expect coming out to the J. Brown show?

J. Brown - My headline tour is a project that I have been waiting for. As a result, my team and myself are diligently working to create an experience that my fans that is truly memorable. My fans should expect some smooth R&B vibes with that fun, exciting and engaging. would truly experience. My goal is to entertain and create good vibes for all involved.

Reviews & Dunn - Who were some of your early influences growing up musically?

J. Brown - I’m Detroit breed, and so my influence naturally comes straight out of Motown. However I also took influence from James Brown, Babyface, Brian McKnight and Tank.

Reviews & Dunn - How did you link up with Tank for the single “Don’t Rush”?

J. Brown - Collaborating with Tank has been a dream of mine and in my eyes, would mark a pivotal mark in my career as an artist. It took a while to collaborate with Tank because the song had to be right….”Don’t Rush” provided the right energy that would allow Tank and I make a hit.

Reviews & Dunn - What was your inspiration behind the visual for “I Just Can’t Love You”?

J. Brown - “I just can’t love you” is a song about a man dealing with the mental stressors of life, so much so, that he realized he can’t love anyone else unless he loves himself first. It’s a very powerful song and I wanted to convey all the emotion of this song through me visuals. I’m an old school kind of guy, so it was only right to create that vintage vibe in the music video…that’s a personal touch that I find to make it all that more interesting to the viewer.

Reviews & Dunn - One of my favorite songs from the album is “Nothing Without You”. With an unlimited budget, who are three vocalists you would add to the song for a legends remix?

J. Brown - With an unlimited budget, I would definitely introduce some legendary feminine voices like Kelly Rowland, Tamar Braxton and maybe even Mariah Carey. If I had to pick one male singer it would be Babyface . There is a host of talented artists that I can add on, but those would be my top four picks.

Reviews & Dunn - Is there anything you would like to add and where can fans find you on social media?

J. Brown - Thank you so much for your time and support. I appreciate anyone who appreciates and respects my artistry. You can find me @Jbrownmusiconly on all platforms.

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