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Remembering Clarence "Bam" Wright

While I was on vacation last week with my family in Ohio, I received the heartbreaking news that my good friend and mentor, Clarence Wright, aka BAM, had passed away. The initial shock hit me so hard that I had to leave the amusement park to clear my head.

Today BAM is being laid to rest, and I have spent the last week struggling with what I wanted to say about a man who was an integral part of my family's life over the previous thirteen years. I first met Clarence back in 2008 when my mother introduced my fiancée to him, as we needed a wedding planner.

As a former DJ, I had stipulations on what I wanted as part of my wedding soundtrack. The moment Clarence heard I was a DJ, he offered me a job at a club he promoted for. While I didn't get a chance to work for Clarence long, he gave me tons of advice as I was preparing to become a dad, which led to a friendship.

So much so that my wife and I decided, we wanted Clarence to be our son's godfather. In the last thirteen years, I have known Clarence, I was able to do so much. Including seeing a bucket list artist in concert, meet celebrities participate in charitable toy drives, and most importantly, just become a better man.

Bob Marley once said, "The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively." Moreover, that describes my thoughts on Bam. While GOD called you home, I take solace in his eternal plans for you. The memories I have with you will live on forever.

That said, Bam was a huge music fan, so here is a playlist I curated in his memory.

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