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Schwarzenegger is back in the action comedy Furbar

Action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a break from the big screen to venture into streaming in Fubar from Netflix. Luke (Schwarzenegger) is a veteran CIA operative who has successfully kept his real job a secret from his ex-wife Tally (Fabiana Udenio) and Emma (Monica Barbaro) a secret for years.

Despite his family's belief that he is a Merry Fitness co-owner, Luke has spent many years fighting crime by breaking necks and eliminating human traffickers. After experiencing wear and tear on his body, he is now ready for retirement, hoping to win back Tally. Naturally, Luke takes on one last mission, discovering that Emma is also an operative.

Luke and Emma face the harsh reality that they have minimal knowledge about one another. The truth dawns on them like a ton of bricks as they realize their relationship was a sham. However, they must work together as partners, which adds another level of complexity to their already intricate story.

On paper, Fubar could serve as a sequel to the massive 1994 hit True Lies, with Arnie and Eliza Dushku respring their roles. However, CBS already had an adaption of the film on the airwaves. Some viewers may wonder what the key difference is between the idea and execution of this show. You have taken your first step in understanding this concept of Fubar.

When you first meet Emma, it may seem like she hides her abilities. However, in the first episode, she impresses the audience by effortlessly beating up a fighter and outperforming her father and his colleague Barry (played by Milan Carter) on a CIA aptitude test. It becomes clear that Emma is not a character created for fraudulent purposes but rather a robust female character capable of holding her own against anyone. Like Luke, she faces challenges and makes mistakes as she navigates her new situation, and she is not a perfect hero without flaws. Therefore, Emma accurately represents an empowered female figure who cannot be defined solely by the opinions of others.

Drawing on familiar action-thriller tropes and some clever humor, Fubar is a well-crafted comedy-drama starring Arnold Schwarzenegger at the helm. Representing an exciting new venture into the world of streaming services, Schwarzenegger gets to showcase his classic style of action and his renowned comedic prowess. In addition to time-honored plot points and a great cast, viewers will also appreciate allusions to the actor's iconic filmography and memes related to him. Interestingly enough, though, this humor stands firmly on its own two feet without relying too heavily on either nostalgia or callbacks.

Rewarding fans' devotion with an added focus on family in later episodes, Fubar certainly lives up to expectations.

Final Grade: B

Fubar is streaming on Netflix now/

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