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Sex/Life 2 is enjoyable toxicity at it's finest

Netflix's steamy Sex/Life returns for Season 2 and continues to follow Billie (Sarah Shani) as she continues to discover herself. The show took inspiration from the book 44 Chapters About 4 Men by BB Easton and was created by Stacy Rukeyser.

The last time we saw Billie, she was ready to risk it all for a tryst with her ex Brad (Adam Demos). Naturally, he husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) found out when he put a tracker in her phone. If you've seen the trailers for Season 2, you have a clue of what may have happened with Brad and Billie that night. While I don't want to go that deep into spoilers, the series creators' route after the opening moments is a great setup for Season 2.

Billie's situation forces her to confront her beliefs about relationships and desires. Sarah Shani fully taps into the emotions as she grapples with the idea that traditional family life may not be the answer she seeks and that there may be more fulfilling paths for her. It is a journey of self-discovery where she must ask herself if she is willing to take risks and break out of the mold that society has placed on her.

Meanwhile, as the trailers indicate, Brad takes a backseat in the first half of Season 2 as he moves on from Billie. Billie embarks on a new relationship with hot-shot chef Majid Mousavi (Darius Homayoun). The series paints a realistic approach to dating after divorce. I also liked seeing a solid arc for Margaret Odette's character of Sasha Snow.

Sasha's female empowerment comes into question when Kam (Cleo Anthony), an old flame, reenters her life. A few other characters from Season 1 also pop up, including Devon (Jonathan Sadowski)and Francesca (Li Jun Li), tying into Cooper's storyline. That said, Mike Vogel as Cooper was the MVP for Season 2.

Cooper's arc in Season 2 highlights how being 'too nice' in a marriage can lead to a lack of respect and communication, damaging the relationship. It also shows how being 'the nice guy' doesn't necessarily mean being the 'good guy' and can lead to misunderstandings and resentment between partners. Ultimately, it's a cautionary tale of the dangers of a lack of communication in a marriage. And rest assured, those only looking for steamy scenes will be satisfied.

Final Grade: B

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