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Trevor Noah delivers enough laughs in latest stand up special

Multi-faceted entertainer Trevor Noah returns to Netflix for his fourth comedy special in Trevor Noah: Where Was I. In his latest stand-up act, the former host of The Daily Show has regaled us with hilarious tales from his recent travels across the globe. 

The comedian shares his experiences ranging from foreign national anthems, which he found both fascinating and intriguing, to varying cultural norms, which he found to be both amusing and intriguing. With his sharp wit and impeccable timing, the comedian takes us on a journey of laughter and joy as he recounts his adventures and misadventures from different parts of the world.

As with any stand-up special I review, I want to keep this review as spoiler-free as possible so I don't ruin the jokes for potential viewers. That said, in this special, Noah showcases his trademark wit and charm, delivering a thought-provoking and humorous take on a wide range of topics, including his childhood, cultural observations, and social commentary. He seamlessly weaves personal anecdotes with astute political and social insights, offering a unique perspective that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Noah's ability to deftly address sensitive topics with intelligence and humor validates his storytelling prowess and engaging stage presence, making his performances entertaining and impactful. Remember that comedy is subjective; not every joke will tickle your funny bone. However, fans of Noah's style and dry wit should find something to crack a smile in this special.

Final Grade: B

TREVOR NOAH: WHERE WAS I  is available to stream on Netflix now

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