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A Man In Full is a solid adaption

David E. Kelly, a renowned producer, has joined forces with Netflix again to produce a six-episode miniseries titled "A Man in Full." This collaboration follows their successful partnership on two seasons of "The Lincoln Lawyer." The series is based on Tom Wolfe's novel, which is the same name, and Kelly has written all six episodes. Thomas Schlamme and Academy Award winner Regina King will direct three episodes each, lending their expertise to bring the series to life.

When real estate mogul Charlie Croker (Jeff Daniels) faces bankruptcy, political and business interests collide as he defends his empire from those attempting to capitalize on his fall from grace. Amid the turmoil, one of Croker's employees finds himself in a dire situation with the law enforcement authorities after he violently attacks a police officer. However, due to the excessive amount of bail required, he has no choice but to accept imprisonment. Meanwhile, Ray Peepgass seeks to take advantage of Croker's misfortune while the city's racial tensions continue to simmer.

The novel and miniseries carry an unexpected resonance, featuring a protagonist who bears an eerie resemblance to Donald Trump and a nation that feels like a ticking time bomb, as seen through the lens of Atlanta. The issue of race remains a dominant theme, as demonstrated by the unfair treatment of a man who was supposedly parked illegally, brutally handled by the police, and trapped in the criminal justice system.

The series boasts an impressive ensemble cast, with Jeff Daniels leading the pack with his mesmerizing performance. Along with him, the supporting actors Diane Lane, Lucy Liu, and Sarah Jones have done an outstanding job and have given remarkable performances. 

One of the most admirable qualities of writer David E. Kelly is his exceptional ability to write engaging dialogue. This ability is evident in his clever adaptation of Wolfe's writing, which serves as one of the prominent features of the series. Viewers can easily get lost in the characters' conversations and feel immersed in the story.

Regina King, an Oscar winner for acting and a talented director in her own right, has once again proved her mettle with this faithful and powerful adaptation of a 1,000-page novel. Her remarkable direction has done justice to the story, and this success will lead to more opportunities for her to showcase her talent in the future.

Final Grade: B

"A Man In Full is available to stream on Netflix now."

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