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An Officer And A Gentlemen is winning adaptation of an eighties classic

The elegant Capital One Hall Venue in Tysons, VA, is currently hosting a musical adaptation of the classic eighties film, An Officer and A Gentlemen. Dick Scanlan serves as the director and writer of the play, which is almost a verbatim adaptation of Douglas Day Stewart's original screenplay.

Zack Mayo (Wes Williams) has the raw talent and strength for the US Navy's Officer Training School, but his arrogance is out of step. Graduating from the elite program will secure Zack's career and future, but can he endure the relentless commands of Drill Sergeant Foley (David Wayne Britton)?

On his journey of self-discovery, Zack forms a brotherhood bond with fellow candidate Sid Worley (Cameron Loyal). In addition, he finds a budding romance with Paula (Mia Massaro), a strong-willed local factory worker. When tragedy befalls a fellow candidate, Zack learns the importance of friendship and honor, finds the courage to become his best self, and hopefully win the heart of the woman he loves.

Growing up in the eighties, I can't tell you how many times I viewed An Officer and A Gentlemen. A timeless love story, the iconic ending where Richard Gere reunites with Debra Winger still holds up forty years later. The play adaption adds a catalog of 1980s rock hits which the cast performs with great vocal prowess. Some of the highlights include tunes such as "Up Where We Belong," "Higher Love," "Renegade," and "Love Is A Battlefield."

Like the film, the play centers on the relationship between Zack and those around him. Wes Williams never attempts to fill the shoes of Richard Gere but instead makes the role his own. This trait carries over to the other actors and actresses as well. All of your favorite big moments from the film are present and come across well on the stage. A few story additions work well for the play, including a great storyline involving Sid Worley and love interest Lynette, focusing on interracial dating.

With great performances from its cast and a great soundtrack. The musical adaptation of An Officer and A Gentlemen is highly recommended

Final Grade: A -


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