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Theater Review : Bill Bellamy at The Theater At MGM

Multifaceted comedian Bill Bellamy performed a stand-up comedy show at The Theater at MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, on Saturday, March 23rd. I had seen Mr. Bellamy perform stand-up previously, and his podcast "Top Billin" is one of my favorites. Additionally, I recently finished his audio book "Top Billin': Stories of Laughter, Lessons, and Triumph," so I looked forward to seeing him perform again.

As attendees made their way into the venue, they were met with sounds from DJ Oxygen, who entertained the crowd with impressive turntablism skills. Comedian Rudy Rush was the opening act and MC and performed a very impressive set. The moment he opened with an age joke, he transitioned into a bit on how couples date. Rush was on fire for his entire set and was the perfect warm-up act.

Bellamy entrance music was the upbeat party anthem, "Wipe Me Down," which set the tone for the evening. After cutting the music, Bellamy proceeded to captivate the audience with an impeccable hour-long set. Since his early days on "Def Comedy Jam" and his ascent to hosting "MTV JAMS," Bellamy's natural gift of oration was on full display as he artfully engaged with the audience on a personal level, creating a sense of camaraderie and familiarity through inside jokes. His infectious energy and innate charisma kept the momentum going, even during slower moments in the set.

During his set, Bellamy avoided discussing other comics or his experiences with celebrities throughout his career. Instead, he gave a fresh perspective on familiar topics. Bellamy tackled everything from dating in the nineties to roasting R&B singers and even taking a shot at our current Commander in Chief. His quick-fire delivery kept the audience on their toes, never knowing what hilarious gem he would drop next.

The show finished with Bellamy handing out roses to the ladies in the audience and promising to return to the DMV next year.

Final Grade: B+

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