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BEVERLY HILLS COP: AXEL F puts the franchise back on track

Get ready to relive the nostalgia as the comedy legend Eddie Murphy returns to his iconic role in "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" on Netflix. Directed by Mark Molloy and written by Will Beall, Tom Gormican, and Kevin Etten, the film brings back the beloved character of Axel Foley (Murphy), who had successfully avenged the murder of Inspector Todd and found love in the last installment. Thirty years later, he's back in Detroit with his longtime friend Jeffrey (Paul Reiser) as his new boss.

The film's opening scene shows that Axel still has the gift of gab and quickly causes destruction in the motor city. As fate would have it, Axel has a daughter named Jane (Taylour Paige), who has become a successful lawyer in Beverly Hills. Jane has discovered corruption in her latest case, putting her life in danger.

Axel's protective fatherly instincts kick in when he's back on the beat in Beverly Hills. Foley reunites with old pals Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold) and John Taggart (John Ashton). The return of these familiar faces adds a nostalgic touch and a sense of continuity to the film, making it a treat for longtime fans. Foley also teams up with a new partner, Detective Bobby Abbott (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), to solve the case.

Following the tepid reception of the last installment in the series, the franchise experienced an extended period of stagnation in its development. As a dedicated enthusiast of the franchise, I can recall numerous unsuccessful attempts, encompassing a range of concepts from a screenplay titled "Beverly Hills Cop 2009," featuring Foley's return to Beverly Hills to investigate the murder of his acquaintance Billy Rosewood, to the thwarted television pilot focusing on Axel Foley's son, with Brandon T. Jackson cast in the lead role.

Considering Murphy's recent career resurgence, it makes sense for him to breathe new life into a beloved franchise. One of the first things that's clear in the film is that the creatives behind the scenes are fans of the franchise. We are treated to music cues from the first films, and Murphy's Axel carries himself the same way he did in the first two films, even flashing a smile to let us know he's having a blast. In addition, fans hoping to hear Murphy use profanity will not be disappointed, but here, it's a bit more organic.

The reappearance of previous characters Jeffrey (Paul Reiser), Billy Rosewood (Judge Reinhold), and John Taggart (John Ashton) proves advantageous to the script. Murphy exhibits commendable and refreshing banter with all three. Taylour Paige's portrayal of Jane as a robust and independent woman with the Foley name but her own identity constitutes a refreshing addition to the franchise. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also impressed with his comedic timing and action skills.

One of the significant shortcomings of 'Beverly Hills Cop III' was the lackluster villain. This flaw is rectified with the inclusion of Kevin Bacon, who, despite limited screen time, presents a formidable adversary for Foley. While I thoroughly enjoyed the film, grievances arose. The absence of any reference to Ronny Cox's Lieutenant Andrew Bogomil from the first two films or the identity of Jane's mother is disappointing.

Nevertheless, with some decent action sequences, solid performances from its cast, and that unique Eddie Murphy charm, Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley is a welcome addition to the franchise.

Final Grade: B+

"Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley" is available to stream tomorrow on Netflix


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