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Cliched action fills The Best Man

Director Shane Dax Taylor brings together an unlikely trio in the action flick, The Best Man from Saban Films. The Best Man begins with an exciting rescue mission as a team of mercs step in to save an American woman kidnapped in Mexico. The danger is real, and the crew takes casualties, including Axel (Scott Martin), who was shot in the skull during the mission.

A year later, Brook (Nicky Whelan) is getting married to Cal (Luke Wilson), a man who helped save her life that day. His cousin Bradley (Brendan Fehr) is the best man, and another team member, Anders (Dolph Lundgren), is also attending. All goes according to plan—until a group of heavily-armed intruders interrupts the ceremony at the vast, remote resort rented by Brook's father.

Drunken debauchery and other cliches fill the movie, including Bradley hooking up with Brook's sister Hailey (Scout Taylor Compton) and a expendable security guard. Co-writers C. Alec Rossel & Daniel Zirilli and director Shane Dax Taylor set up a predictable yet one-time watch journey through danger and redemption.

The action scenes also serve to highlight the strengths of the cast. With Lundgren as the prominent star, the other leads are treated as equals and get to demonstrate their own martial arts and gunplay skills. They also show off their comic timing, as the script allows everyone to share in the jokes. This choice keeps the film from becoming too one-note and makes it more enjoyable to watch.

The movie had much promise, but its resolution left much to be desired. Despite its budgetary constraints, The Best Man remains a decent enough entry in the action genre. It may not be revolutionary, but it is a decent way to pass the time.

Final Grade: C

THE BEST MAN in Theaters, on Demand and on Digital on April 21, 2023.


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