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Director TJ Noel-Sullivan strikes gold with his debut Midas

Writer and director TJ Noel-Sullivan presents a fresh take on the heist genre with the film "Midas," distributed by Lionsgate. The story focuses on Ricky Pryce, played by Laquan Copland. Despite his handsome looks and charm, Ricky is stuck in a monotonous GrubHub delivery job while caring for his sick mother, Mia, played by Jo Ann Cleghorne.

Ricky, feeling trapped in a repetitive and unchanging routine while watching his peers progress in their careers, impulsively decides to make a bold move to impress Claire Brent, who is portrayed by Lucy Campbell and is the daughter of the CEO of MIDAS Health Insurance. This impulsive action unexpectedly led to an employment opportunity at MIDAS Health Insurance, the company that terminated his mother's health coverage.

Capitalizing on this unexpected turn, Ricky devises a scheme to rectify what he perceives as his family's rightful due and ensure their financial stability. With the assistance of his confidants, Sunita (portrayed by Preet Kaur) and Victor (portrayed by Federico Parr), Ricky ventures into criminal activity, navigating unforeseen challenges and ethical dilemmas. As their illicit pursuits deepen, a disquieting revelation emerges, heightening the stakes and testing the boundaries of their moral compass.

The film artfully explores the intricacies of human nature and the extent to which individuals will go to safeguard their loved ones. Through Ricky's character, audiences are led through a whirlwind of emotions, observing his internal conflict between right and wrong, truth and deceit. Laquan Copland's portrayal of Ricky's inner turmoil is captivating and multifaceted, drawing viewers into his world and evoking empathy for his circumstances.

The supporting cast, particularly Federico Parr and Preet Kaur as Victor and Sunita, lend depth to the narrative with their tribulations and motivations. Their unwavering loyalty to Ricky, despite the dubious nature of his actions, underscores the potency of friendship and the ties that bind us during challenging times.

The director's consummate storytelling and meticulous attention to detail foster a taut and suspenseful ambiance throughout the film, ensuring that audiences remain on the edge of their seats as Ricky's plan unfolds. The film's pacing is adeptly executed, culminating in a climactic finale that is both poignant and thought-provoking.

"Midas" is a reflective, emotionally charged film that probes the repercussions of deception, the complexities of morality, and the influence of love and camaraderie. With stellar performances, a gripping storyline, and a profound message at its core, this cinematic piece is poised to resonate with audiences long after the curtains close.

Final Grade: B+

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