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Eric Roberson provides City Winery with a musical Lesson

Following a year-long delay due to the COVID pandemic, one of my favorite performers, Eric Roberson, made a welcome return to Washington D.C.'s City Winery on Thursday, September 23rd. Roberson opened the show (the first of three sold-out nights) with the Phone assisted "Picture Perfect" from his 2011 album Mister Nice Guy. Roberson then kept the energy going with "Borrow You" from Music Fan First before circling back to another Phone collaboration, "Been In Love" from his album Left.

Now my readers know that when it comes to music, I love ballads and slow jams. Roberson kicked off a lush set of slow jams by blessing the audience with a preview of "Start All Over Again," which will appear on his upcoming album. "Mark On Me," "Dealing," and my mom's personal favorite “Just A Dream" were just a few of the ballads on the setlist. However, I was ecstatic when Erro pulled out his Will Downing duet "Lyrics Of Pleasure" from the catalog. Roberson's longtime background singer D-Mo filled in for Will Downing with much fanfare.

As the night began to wind down, Eric performed his current hit "Lessons." At the close of the song, Eric delivered a powerful testimony about his journey to musical success. Eric ended the show with his trademark concert freestyle, where he takes random words from the audience to make up a song on the spot. It is truly something you have to see and always worth the price of admission. Quite frankly, the fact that Eric was able to create a song "Praise To The Yoni" in less than five minutes not only speaks to his talent but is something these young R&B singers should take note of when it comes to writing a song.

My only complaint about the show is that "The Moon" (Roberson's first hit) wasn't part of the setlist. In addition, I would love to hear "Weekend Getaway," "Do The Same For Me," "Funny Feelings," and "BreakItDown" next time. Nevertheless, Roberson continues to be one of the best performers in the game and will continue to receive my support whenever he's in town.

Final Grade: A +

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