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Red River Road is smart horror

Paul Schuler makes a return to features twenty-six years after his debut in Red River Road from Gravitas Ventures. A family of four, dad Stephen (Paul Schuyler), Mom Anna (Jade Schuyler), and sons Wyatt (Quinn Schuyler) and Sean (Shaw Schuyler), are isolated against a global pandemic that is spreading through the internet. The effects of the pandemic appear to rob a person of their ability to perceive reality and often end with violent results. The family's sense of security begins to unravel when they suspect one or all of them are infected.

One good thing about the pandemic was that it allowed creatives to explore their talent. Red River Road solidifies this statement as it was shot under Covid lockdown by a real family serving as the entire cast and crew. I won't call anyone out, but some more established filmmakers should take notes from Paul Schuyler. The director has crafted a slow burn of a movie that builds up the creep factor. Paul puts us right in the thick of the pandemic. He brings up feelings the viewer may have during the onslaught of COVID-19. Truthfully I saw my own family and friends in the Schuyler clan.

When you don't have control, it's sometimes your own mind that poses the greatest threat. Therefore since director Paul Schuyler allows ample time for viewers to get to know the family dynamics before heading down a twisted path, the payoff is grand. The Schuyler family actors give authentic performances, and the film's production value is quite impressive for the budget.

Final Grade: B

Red River Road is available to stream now

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