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Slow Jam Saturday: Alyson Williams, Just Call My Name

Legendary hip hop label Def Jam was slowly taking the industry by storm when they released their first R&B album Juice from Oran "Juice" Jones, in 1986. Three years later, sultry songstress Alyson Williams would make history when she became the label's first female R&B singer. For this week's Slow Jam Saturday, I wanted to show some love to Mrs. William's legendary quiet storm staple, "Just Call My Name."

As the daughter of bandleader/trumpeter Bobby Booker, Williams had music in her blood, which would lead singing background for artists such as Bobby Brown. In addition to producing the song, Denzil Miller wrote the track with Ken Curry and Phillip Ingram. Williams' robust voice conveys a message of love and support to someone in need. The lyrics express the idea that the singer is a reliable source of comfort who is always there to help, and all the person in need has to do is call her name.

"Just Call My Name" emphasizes the importance of having someone dependable to turn to during difficult times, especially when feeling alone or overwhelmed. The chorus repeats the song's message, reminding the listener that the singer is there for them no matter where they are or what they're going through. The lyrics also make it clear that the singer is not just offering a one-time gesture of help but a lasting commitment to be there whenever the person needs her.

In retrospect, as an adult, I could even say that "Just Call My Name" is a borderline gospel song about the power of love to provide comfort and support in difficult times. It encourages listeners to trust their relationships' strength and lean on those they love when they need help. The song's production and positive message make it an uplifting anthem for anyone struggling.

Final Grade: B+

"Just Call My Name from Raw is available on all streaming platforms.

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