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Solid Horror in We Need To Do Something

Horror writer Max Booth III collaborates with director Sean King O'Grady to adapt his novel We Need to Do Something from IFC Films. Melissa (Sierra McCormick), her mom Diane (Vinessa Shaw), her dad Robert (Pat Healy), and little brother Bobby (John James Cronin) are a family of four living in New York. One day, after Melissa and her family seek shelter from a storm, they become trapped. With no sign of rescue, hours turn to days, and Melissa comes to realize that she and her girlfriend Amy (Lisette Alexis) might have something to do with the horrors that threaten to tear her family -- and the entire world -- apart.

We Need to Do Something sets up its premise organically, and it introduces us to the family with dysfunctional issues going on between the parents. In the roles of the parents, Vinessa Shaw and Pat Healy have a natural flow, and their relationship is believable. Vinessa Shaw is an actress I've liked since her appearance in 1991's Ladybugs, while Pat Healy is an actor whose face you know, but can never place the name. It was great to see both in lead roles this time around. Kudos to

John James Cronin in the part of the little brother for never becoming an annoying character or falling into the cutesy template that often happen with roles of this sort.

The film's strength is in the performance of Sierra McCormick, a scream queen in the making. We Need to Do Something is McCormick's third appearance in about twenty-four months, and she brings the right amount of sass with a mixture of a genuine teenager to the role. Max Booth III's arc for the character is a slow build, and when the reveal of the film's occurrences and Melissa's role in it comes to light, you genuinely believe McCormick's emotion.

In terms of the horror though, there was one moment that generally freaked me out with its simplicity. Pulling off a film that takes place in a precise location is a difficult task for any director. Thankfully, first-time director Sean King O'Grady has a solid dedication to his craft and does what he can to quickly make the run time go by. Hopefully, the duo collaborates on another film because they have great chemistry.

Final Grade: B

We Need to Do Something is streaming and showing in limited theaters now.


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