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Soulmates fails to rise above Lifetime theatrics

Director Timothy Armstrong collaborates with writers Stephanie Lynn and Alexandria Case for Vertical Entertainment’s Soulmates. Lifelong best friends, Sam (Alexandria Case) and Jess (Stephanie Lynn) are each other's everything. But when Jess meets a handsome out-of-stater, Landon (Mark Famiglietti), Sam begins to fear she’s being cast aside.

The romantic comedy genre is usually hit or miss depending on the handling of the material. Soulmates has a standard storyline that we've seen before, and I did find the story relatable. I wasn't always married, so in my younger single days when my friends all had girlfriends, and I was single, I could relate to Sam's arc. Naturally, the older you get, you realize that a friend’s happiness is yours as well.

The script for Soulmates, from stars Alexandria Case and Stephanie Lynn, is pretty basic and never rises above Lifetime style theatrics. However, I will give both ladies their due with their chemistry in the film. It's clear that the ladies are friends off-screen, and that aura radiates on screen. I also enjoyed learning about the culture of syrup in Vermont. The positives end there though sadly. Outside of Mark Famiglietti in the role of Landon, the supporting cast goes through the motions without any substantial arcs. Furthermore, you know exactly where the film is going to go once Jess and Landon meet.

Stephanie Lynn and Alexandria Case are talented actresses, but sadly Soulmates doesn’t fully embrace their potential.

Final Grade: C-

Soulmates is available to stream now


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