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Theater Review: Seth Meyers @The Kennedy Center

Late-night host and Saturday Night Live veteran Seth Meyers brought his comedic talents to the Nation's Capital for two sold-out shows at The Kennedy Center over the weekend. I had the chance to attend the Saturday night show, and he delivered a night of laughs with excellent efficiency.

Meyers is known for his sharp wit, political commentary, and clever storytelling, all of which are elements that have likely carried over into his stand-up performances. His style often incorporates current events and social commentary, delivered with his trademark dry humor. Taking the stage with an unbrushed confidence and dressed in comfortable attire, Meyers was on fire for most of his one-hour set.

Seth delivered a meticulously prepared performance, skillfully interweaving anecdotes about his family, married life, and the everyday struggles of living in a bustling city. I was particularly impressed by his ability to incorporate earlier jokes into his routine, creating a cohesive experience for all those in attendance. He also tackled more thought-provoking subjects, comparing weddings and funerals and exploring the relationship between the Snow White fairytale and the Me Too Movement. 

I particularly enjoyed Seth's intelligent comparison of transgender issues and veganism. In addition to his brilliant insights, Seth showcased his impressive impression skills, including a spot-on portrayal of a demon from The Exorcist trying sugar for the first time. And no comedic performance would be complete without some playful jabs at Donald Trump, which Seth also delivered with finesse.

I was already a fan of Seth's hosting style and social commentary, but after seeing his stand-up routine, I have a newfound respect for the talented comic.

Final Grade : B+

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