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Theater Review :The Illusionists- Direct From Broadway @ The Kennedy Center

The statement, "Magic touches people in the way great art does," was corroborated on the twenty-sixth of April, when "The Illusionists - Live from Broadway" resumed its performance at the illustrious Kennedy Center in Washington D.C— the evening showcased a range of optical illusions and magic tricks, emphasizing the captivating world of magic. Comedy and family entertainment were also prominent features of the night's events.

The show began with David Williamson, aka "The Trickster," serving as the master of ceremonies, providing hilarious commentary, and interacting with the audience. The light dimmed, the smoke was on one stage, and a group of magicians appeared together in a glass cage. The magicians performing on the show were Kevin "The Inventor" James, Chris "The Mentalist" Cox, Pabolo "The Unforgettable" Canovas, and Hyunoon "The Manipulator" Kim. They wowed the audience with a variety of tricks, including mind-reading, sleight of hand, and optical illusions.

The first performer, Hyunoon "The Manipulator" Kim, mastered sleight-of-hand card tricks. His animated candor and poker face throughout his performance were a joy to behold. Despite not being a fan of sleight of hand, I found myself captivated by Hyunoon's confidence and his fresh approach to the tricks, a sentiment shared by the rest of the audience who were left in awe and wonder.

Kevin James, also known as "The Inventor," Took the stage next, his performance a testament to the show's family-friendly nature. His act, reminiscent of the magic one would typically see at a children's birthday party, was a delightful surprise. The highlight of his act involved chainsaws, a thrilling yet safe demonstration that underscored the show's commitment to providing entertainment suitable for all age groups. 

Following James, Chris Cox, also known as "The Mentalist," performed his act, which involved selecting a member from the audience and reading their mind. Cox's performance was well-received, largely due to its comedic element. His witty banter and unexpected twists kept the audience laughing throughout.

During the magic show, Pabolo "The Unforgettable" Canova, also known as "The Unforgettable," was the first-half star. His style relied on optical illusions, making him the clear winner of the first half of the show. After a brief intermission, where the audience had the opportunity to purchase refreshments and discuss the first half of the show, the second half featured the magicians showcasing their specialties to the delight of the audience. 

A crucial part of a great magic show is the ability to trick the audience and leave them wondering, "How did they do that?" If you're looking for an entertaining and family-friendly show, I highly recommend checking out THE ILLUSIONISTS - LIVE FROM BROADWAY.

Final Grade A


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