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They Cloned Tyrone is a enjoyable sci-fi comedic thriller

Screenwriter Juel Taylor makes a passionate directorial debut in Netflix's They Cloned Tyrone. Taylor and Troy Reintaimer write the screenplay for the film. The storyline centers around a series of spooky occurrences that lead an unlikely trio (John Boyega, Jamie Foxx, and Teyonah Parris) into investigating a sinister government scheme in this thrilling mystery adventure.

In a low-income community predominantly inhabited by melanin folks, Fontaine (played by Boyega), a drug dealer, attempts to obtain funds from a pimp, Slick Charles (portrayed by Foxx). However, Fontaine's past actions catch up with him when his car is shot multiple times. To the surprise of Slick Charles and his associate Yo Yo (Parris), Fontaine reappears the next day unscathed. The ensuing movie is a captivating blend of humor, action, and nods to popular culture.

Viewers must grasp that comprehending They Cloned Tyrone's plot and underlying motivations may take time after a single viewing. The film's two-hour runtime is sufficient for its pace and momentum. The standout aspect of They Cloned Tyrone lies in its lead performances.

The cast delivers solid performances, injecting energy and chemistry into their roles. The camaraderie between Fontaine, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo feels authentic, enhancing the film's comedic moments and grounding the story in a relatable dynamic. The actors' chemistry helps to maintain interest, even when the pacing occasionally falters.

The film's visual aesthetics convey the dark and mysterious tone with well-composed shots and atmospheric lighting. The use of shadows and muted colors create an eerie ambiance, enhancing the sense of paranoia and unease that permeates the narrative. Furthermore, the well-executed visual effects during critical moments of revelation add excitement to the story.

It is commendable how the creators of They Cloned Tyrone effectively deliver a message without resorting to heavy-handed preaching. The movie underscores the significance of community and social cohesion, culminating in the neighborhood's collective effort to provide refuge and assistance for those impacted by the clone project. These themes are subtly interwoven throughout the film without being too overt or exaggerated.

For the most part, the cinematography in They Cloned Tyrone incorporates visually stimulating elements and highlights the eccentricity of their story through dynamic camera work. Although the movie could benefit from more vibrant colors, it is still visually appealing. When combined with an engaging soundtrack, the overall effect is seamless.

They Cloned Tyrone was engaging throughout its run time. However, once the story starts revealing major plot twists and uncovering the motives behind them and the puppet master behind it all, opinions among viewers may differ. I still felt the excitement of unraveling a complex puzzle.

I have a feeling that some reaction videos and think pieces may criticize the film for trying too hard to be clever and losing the vibe set up in Act 1. However, the new characters introduced in the final act provide a solid basis for a satisfying explanation that seamlessly complements the narrative. This gives me hope for a possible sequel or fan fiction that can delve deeper into these intriguing concepts.

They Cloned Tyrone manages to entertain through its inventive premise and the chemistry of its cast. It tackles themes of identity, conspiracy, and the consequences of scientific advancement with admirable ambition.

Final Grade: B+

They Cloned Tyrone is available to stream on Netflix Friday July 21st

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