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What Jennifer Did is a quick true crime documentary

Netflix, the famous streaming giant, has just released its latest true crime documentary titled "What Jennifer Did," directed by Jenny Popplewell. The documentary delves into a violent crime that occurred in a quiet Canadian town, where mysterious intruders broke into the home of a Vietnamese immigrant family, terrorized them, and left their daughter traumatized as the only witness. The family was known to be hospitable, generous, and hard-working by their neighbors and friends, making it shocking that they were targeted.

I wasn't familiar with anything about this particular case, so naturally, the documentary piqued my interest. One of the first things viewers may notice about this documentary is its short run time. Director Jenny Popplewell expertly weaves police interrogation footage with firsthand accounts from neighbors and friends to puzzle who could have targeted the Nguyen family, known for their hospitality and hard work. As the mystery unravels, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and revelations, ultimately questioning their assumptions and biases. This documentary sheds light on the complexities of violence and serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of safety and security.

The haunting tale of "What Jennifer Did" will captivate audiences and leave them questioning the motives behind this heinous crime.

Final Grade: B-

"What Jennifer Did" is available to stream on Netflix this Wednesday, April 10th.

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