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Album Review : DMo!, Also Known As

Eric Roberson's longtime background vocalist DMo! steps out on his own once again for his second solo album, Also Known As, via Antares Entertainment. Following up his debut, 2016's Mosaic, DMo! opens up Also Known As with the smooth "Laidback." I found myself constantly nodding to the drums in the production of "Laidback." One of the most surprising things about the track is the lack of a Hip Hop verse. Hopefully, an aspiring lyricist hears the song, and it inspires a "Laidback" challenge.

"Be Sure" follows, which features brayla. This song was another track that talks about having doubts in a relationship. "Be Sure" is the perfect setup for the next bop, "DYFTSW," which features Sy Smith. DMo! already won me over with this song as he samples one of my favorite S.O.S. Band tracks, "Tell Me If You Still Care." DMo! keeps in the classics bags for the next track as he pays tribute to the elements with a notable cover of Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Can't Hide Love."

Nineties babies will recognize the film dialogue that opens up "FriendZone. Amber Navran of Moonchild joins DMo! over a lush production as the duo sings about how sometimes, to have a successful relationship, you need to be friends first. Naturally, DMo!'s longtime collaborator Erro has to appear on the project. The two join forces for "Who Am I." Hearing this track, I immediately thought of my wife and how she completes me.

The remainder of the album touches on the usual R&B tropes, which DMo! sings with elegance. I commend DMo! for effectively invoking intimacy on "Wonderland" and "Honeychild," while keeping it classy. Both are tracks where you can pour some wine, light the candles, and just the company of your significant other.

Those who have attended Roberson's legendary live shows know the extra element that DMo! brings to the show. More than just a background singer, Also Known As is worth a listen for fans of soul and RnB.

Final Grade: B+

Also Known As is available on all streaming platforms tomorrow.

Additionally the album is available for purchase at DMo's! website :

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