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Album Review: Kenny Lattimore, Here To Stay

R&B balladeer Kenny Lattimore returns on a new label for his eleventh album, Here to Stay, via the Sono Recording group. For the first single, "Pressure," Lattimore linked up with producers Bizness Boi, FWDSLXSH, and Blake Straus with co-production from Madicin. A mid-tempo and autotune free ballad, Lattimore's opening vocal on the song is better than some complete R&B albums that had their release in 2021.

Kenny pays homage to his new wife, Judge Faith Jenkins, on the album's second single, "Lose You," and anyone who has found their soulmate will relate to the lyrics in this song. Even though I've been married for thirteen years at the age of 40, I'm still learning about my wife, and the lyrics in the song hit home. Drak-Kar Wesley, Aaron W. Lindsey, Kennedy A. Lindsey, Juan Najera, and Ivan Lattimore knock it out of the park with this one.

Only Girl” is the current single from the album and is trademark Kenny Lattimore. It was produced and co-written by Darren “Champ” Jenkins with DCarlos Waller. This song appears to be dedicated to Lattimore's new queen as well, as she assumes the role of the best friend, and Kenny cuts the homies lose.

The rest of the album is grown man R&B, with Kenny doing what he does best, singing about love. "Nothing on You” finds the singer comparing the love of a good woman to heaven. “Never Knew” is a midtempo number that harkens back to eighties soul, while “All In” and “Take a Dose" are solid album tracks. I did find "What Are You Waiting For" and "Priority" a bit on the filler side though. However, Kenny sings them so well, I'll allow it.

Lattimore closes out his latest release with "Survive," a slow jam about the sensual art of making love. Lattimore is fifty-one years young and never goes into crass material. Instead, he is a grown man who wants to challenge his lover's intellect as well as her body. Lattimore's latest project takes inspiration from his recent marriage, which is fine for me, as I'm a ballad person.

That said, while Lattimore has yet to top his classic song "For You”, he possesses a natural singing talent that allows him to sing anything and sound excellent. Here to Stay is a solid addition to an already impressive catalog.

Final Grade: B

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