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Black Warrant is a by the numbers action flick

Tibor Takács reunites with his Blowback star Cam Gigandet for his latest action flick Black Warrant from Saban films.

Nick Falconi (Tom Berenger) is a semi-retired special ops assassin unwillingly forced back into action by his former handler Larusso (Jeff Fahey). Larusso offers Nick a ton of money to take out witnesses, and seeing as Nick owes Larusso a solid, he doesn't have a choice. DEA agent Anthony (Gigandet) is searching for a way to avenge the murder of his best friend and partner, who lost his life while on assignment.

During their separate missions, the two unexpectedly cross paths with each other. A series of events leads to the men being forced into an unlikely alliance to stop a cyber-terrorist organization that has created a dangerous machine that threatens to attack the power grid and bring catastrophe to the world.

Mindless action flicks are fine with me, but they must have heart. Lack of compassion is where the real problem lies in Black Warrant. The film, which comes off as somewhat low-key, cannot ignite emotions or action. The film simmers rather than erupts into a full-blown explosion. Although the characters are there and the story has legs, there needs to be more motivated to keep it moving.

Although a dash of romance and a few snarky one-liners are thrown into the mix, there is not enough weight to make it feel significant. Even though the twist that does come might have been telegraphed a mile away, at least it feels deserved in some way.

Black Warrant is another direct-to-DVD action flick with lame plot twists, gratuitous gun battles, and performances that scream I'm only here for a paycheck.

Final Grade : C-

Black Warrant is In Theaters, on Digital, and On Demand on December 9, 2022


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