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Concert Review :An Evening of Love with Eric Roberson @ The Kennedy Center

Valentine's Day 2024 brought many performers to the National Capital. Still, I supported one of my favorite live performers, Mr. Eric Roberson. The talented singer, songwriter, and "Mo Better Blues" superfan is taking his 30th anniversary tour nationwide. Naturally, after performing to a sold-out crowd last year at The Kennedy Center, Erro decided to do it again.

As the audience entered the venue, they were greeted by the background sounds of Erro's previous hits, which helped set the mood for a great night. Eric's band and background singers were smartly dressed in matching black attire, while the man of the hour wore a classy cream suit. The show started with "Change For Me" and a band jam session incorporating Eric's love for house music. Following that was "Borrow U".

Roberson took the audience on a thirty-year musical journey, highlighting his contributions. It was great to hear the audience singing along to Roberson's debut 1994 single, "The Moon."

Other highlights included "Picture Perfect," "Start All Over Again," and his spin on the Hip Hop classics "Around The Way Girl" and "One More Chance."

Since it was Valentine's Day, slow jams were a must. Naturally, "Lyrics of Pleasure" was performed with the background singers filling in for Will Downing to great effect. To my surprise, "Softest Lips" returned to the setlist. Attendees were also treated to a new ballad, "You," and a heartfelt cover of Luther Vandross's "Superstar/Until You Come Back to Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)."

No Eric Roberson show is complete without Roberson making up a song on the spot. Usually, he takes words suggested by the audience. However, for this go around, Eric chose a couple from the audience who pointed out their wedding song was a huge hit, "Lessons." Roberson then crafted a song about how they met. Before ending the show with "Lessons," Roberson blessed the audience with a video on how his parents met that featured passionate commentary from both.

I have two minor criticisms about the show though. Firstly, the songs "Dealing" and "Mark On Me" were not included in the setlist, which was disappointing. Also, given that Eric Roberson has written for popular artists like Will Smith, Jill Scott, 112, and Charlie Wilson, it would have been great to hear a medley of some of those songs.

I still consider Eric Roberson one of the best live performers I have seen as a frequent concert-goer. I look forward to seeing him perform again when he returns to the DMV.

Final Grade: A

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