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Single Review : JoJo Hailey, In My Arms

JoJo Hailey, a co-lead vocalist of Jodeci and Kci & JoJo, recently released his new single "In My Arms" as the second single from his untitled forthcoming solo album. The singer fans were elated last year when the singer released the ballad "Special" and the accompanying remix, which found him linking up with Snoop Dogg and his bandmate, Mr. Dalvin.

For his second single, Hailey reunites with producer Mike "Smoov" Bell. On his latest, JoJo sings about the joys of being in love. That acknowledged the song is a bit of a safe choice, in my opinion. Haley sings the song well, but for me, he never fully unleashes the power in his tenor and baritone. Nevertheless, the singer avoids autotune, which is excellent. The song also is better than many songs that claim to be R&B on the radio in 2021.

Final Grade C+

"In My Arms" is available on all streaming platforms

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