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EP Review: Lucky Daye, Table For Two

New Orleans born soul singer Lucky Daye returns with a new EP on the cusp of Valentine's Day titled Table For Two. The singer who has written for Keith Sweat, Boyz II Men, and Ne-Yo opens up his latest project with the intro "Ego Trip." Based on the title, I assumed that the singer spent the project crooning over his lost love due to his ego. Instead, it's a nice set up for a collection of songs that has the singer collaborating with a female duet partner.

Up first is Yebba on "How Much Can a Heart Take." Both singers shine on the song that asks how much can when things being to go south in a relationship. "On Read" features Tiana Major9. I wasn't really too keen on the production of this song, but I commend both artists for the song's message. We can all relate to being in a causal relationship. Then we reach the point where the other half does something small that you don't like, and a possible good relationship ends.

Mahalia joins Lucky Daye for "My Window." This one features lush arrangements and is my favorite song on the EP. I really enjoyed the song's theme that harkens back to New Edition's "Can You Stand The Rain." Ideally, if we as men can't be there, our women when it's raining, they can't support us when the sun is shining. Kudos to the song for its sample of Ann Peebles' 1973 single "I Can't Stand the Rain.

"Access Denied" features Ari Lennox, and it's a different song but in a good way. This is a track that I could see as the theme song for a dystopian set love story that features two black leads. The vibe wasn't traditional RnB for me, but maybe a bit more of a New Orleans groove in a juke joint. Queen Naija is the featured guest on "Dream," which is another song that gave me background music vibes. I could easily see this song on an episode of Insecure. "Dream" is a nostalgic duet with a 2021 vibe.

The EP's closing song is "Falling in Love" feat. Joyce Wrice. Like "On Read," I wasn't a fan of the song's music, but the message is undeniable. When you find the right person, and you know it's right, either you're going to be together or you won't. Both singers sound great on the track, though, and I would love to hear an acoustic version of the song.

Lucky Daye is one of the most promising voices of the new generation. Instead of using autotune or filling his EP with rappers, Daye's project is all about the essence of R&B. Even when he has a misstep with the production, the vocals are still smooth, and Table For Two should tide over his fans until the next album release.

Top Songs: "Access Denied," "My Window," and "How Much Can A Heart Take."

Final Grade B

Table For Two is available on all streaming platforms

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