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Single Review : Ingram Street - The Friend Zone (DJ Soulchild Remix)

Columbus Ohio based R&B duo Ingram Street links up with world-renowned remixer DJ Soulchild for a fresh take on their single "The Friend Zone." If you are a follower of DJ Soulchild, then you know he's remixed iconic tracks from the likes of P. Diddy, Charlie Wilson, and even Silk Sonic. At the same time, Ingram Street continues to make noise on the indie scene with their most recent release, Paint The Town.

Dating has changed so much since my single days, but one constant is how hard it is to get out of the friend zone. Thankfully for any youngster who is stuck in the friend zone, Ingram Street and DJ Soulchild may have a solution for you. For the beat, Soulchild flips the classic break instrumental from Whodini's "Friends" (produced by Larry Smith), allowing Ingram Street to shine. However, DJ Soulchild doesn't sample that record. He reproduces the original version and adds his signature sound to it while adding his unique touch.

Howard "Minquel" Ingram & Daniel "Woody" Ingram make up the group, and both get a chance to shine in the song. The duo's vocals mesh perfectly with Soulchild's production. The charm of "The Friend Zone" is in the song's message, as they never use the track to criticize the love interest.

As for DJ Soulchild, he continues to make a name for himself and his talent for remixing. Hopefully, this isn't the last collaboration we hear from Ingram Street and DJ Soulchild.

Final Grade: B+

The Friend Zone (DJ Soulchild Remix) is available to Stream / Download here:

For more on Ingram Street, check them out on social media platforms and at

For more on DJ Soulchild, follow him on social media platforms and at

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