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Throwback Thursday Single Review: E.U., Da Butt

This past Sunday the 93rd Academy Awards aired, and while Chadwick Boseman didn’t win his much-deserved Oscar, there was another moment the made the night. During the last hour of the show, comedian Lil Rel Howry went out in the audience and played musical trivia with the nominees in attendance.

One guest was nominee Glenn Close, whom Howery asked about the classic song “Da Butt”, which was written by Marcus Miller and Mark Stevens, and performed by the group E.U. My first listening of the song was when E.U. made a cameo appearance in the classic film School Daze perfuming the song. An infectious party tune that pays homage to a woman’s anatomy, the song still holds up thirty-three years later.

It is no secret that during my time in the Air Force I was a DJ. When producer Rich Harrison began to make Go-Go-inspired songs with the likes of Amerie, Usher, and Beyoncé, I would always try to find a way to mix a Harrison production with a Go-Go song. Usually, about 35% of the crowd would start grooving to a song from DC Go-Go bands like Junkyard Band or Trouble Funk, but when I played “Da Butt”, the crowd would go wild.

Da Butt” hit number 1 on Billboard's R&B chart and number 35 on its Pop chart. I am sure after the Oscar telecast; the song will receive renewed interest from a new generation of fans.

Final Grade: A

“Da Butt” is available on all streaming platforms.

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